Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub e.V.

ADRK World Family

ADRK World-Family - ADRK Weltfamilie

Also in the future the ADRK wants to engage internationally and cooperate and support Rottweiler clubs all over the world.

ADRK Weltfamilie

The purpose of the ADRK World Family is the realization of collective targets and interests for the mutual benefit on behalf of the Rottweiler Breed in appearance, nature and working ability in sport, family, duty and leisure based on the ADRK-Breed and Trial-Regulations. Details are defined in the Cooperation Agreement.

Many countries / clubs already arranged a bilateral partnership with the ADRK.

Contact: Anton Spindler - ADRK World Family + foreign affairs coordinator.

On occasion of the Klubsieger-Zuchtschau 2016 in Dessau a Judges Seminar will be held.

Download this file (ADRK Kooperationsvertrag~Cooperation Agreement_englisch.pdf)Cooperation Agreement Cooperation Form
Download this file (ADRK_WF_BSE_V2018-08-28_ol.pdf)Breed Standard Evaluation Evaluation Form
Download this file (ADRK_WF_BSE_V2018-08-28_ol.docx)Breed Standard Evaluation Evaluation Form
Download this file (ADRK WF Judges Seminar 2016.pdf)Judges Seminar KSZ 2016
Download this file (2015-07-16 - ADRK_NewsLetter.pdf)Newsletter Newsletter 08-2015
Download this file (2014-07-23_ADRK_NewsLetter.pdf)Newsletter Newsletter 07-2014
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