Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub e.V.

Rottweiler agency

A Rottweiler puppy can be found via the central puppy exchange in the ADRK office or via the advertisements in our monthly club magazine "Der Rottweiler" or on the ADRK homepage. The Rottweiler puppies of the ADRK originate from controlled breeding sites. The ADRK possesses one of the strictest breeding regulations in the VDH. This was created for the well-being of our race and for the protection of the puppy buyers. Only a healthy breed guarantees joy with and around our Rottweiler. Further down you will find a list of all Rottweilers that have been checked by the ADRK and are listed. If you would like to place a Rottweiler yourself via the ADRK e.V., simply fill out our form and send the paid application.

Care must be taken with Rottweiler offers from animal magazines or daily newspapers. Most of these are Rottweilers from uncontrolled breeds. Make sure that both parents have passed the ADRK breeding suitability test and let the breeder show you the ADRK litter acceptance certificate. Furthermore, the pedigree on the title page must bear the VDH and FCI logo as shown on this information sheet.


Category Legend:

Dog - Dog older than 6 months;       Emergency - Emergency with recognized papers;       Animal shelter - Emergency placement - Animal shelter / Animal welfare / Private


Breeding class Legend:

KLZ - Kör- + performance breeding;    KZ - Körbreeding;    LZ - performance breeding;    GZ - working dog breeding;    EZ - single breeding;    AD - international breeding file


CategoryKennelsBreed ClassZIPLocationLitter DateFiling DateId
WelpeVom Bakler Berg EZ26197Ahlhorn01.06.201901.07.20191573
Notfallvon der Reuthwiese 74239Hardthausen15.04.201604.07.20191576
WelpeRottweiler vom GoligoLZ68794Oberhausen10.07.201912.07.20191591
Welpevom UhusteinEZ78087Mönchweiler15.06.201923.07.20191600
Welpevom UhusteinLZ78087Mönchweiler16.06.201923.07.20191603
Welpevom HerrenhausLZ06886Lutherstadt Wittenberg07.07.201906.08.20191606
Welpevon der SteineicheEZ96476Bad Rodach13.07.201914.08.20191609
WelpeVom Rothemühler ForstLZ17379Rothemühl09.08.201917.08.20191612
Hundvom LuisenhofLZ76297Stutensee05.09.201724.09.20191636
WelpeRottweiler vom Illergries LZ89287Bellenberg 03.09.201927.09.20191642
Welpevom Hause WenkLZ40670Meerbusch13.09.201929.09.20191645
WelpeVon ImmenstettenLZ92277Hohenburg24.09.201903.10.20191654
Welpevon den Golan-HöhenLZ31556Wölpinghausen04.10.201910.10.20191669
Welpevon der HavelhexeEZ15827Brandenburg - Dahlewitz07.10.201913.10.20191678
Welpevom KronenbergLZ68794Oberhausen-Rheinhausen19.09.201931.10.20191687
Welpevom EisplatzLZ75196Remchingen03.11.201912.11.20191690
WelpeVom Hause WenkLZ40670Meerbusch 13.09.201913.11.20191696
Welpevom Hause NussLZ76872Freckenfeld 17.10.201915.11.20191699
WelpeVom Karlstern LZ68305Mannheim22.10.201916.11.20191705
Welpevom KönigsforstLZ67363Lustadt27.11.201904.12.20191711
HundVom Immelnbusch 41748Viersen 29.04.201906.12.20191714
Welpevom Hause HegelLZ12623Berlin31.10.201907.12.20191717
Welpevom Willicher WappenLZ47803Krefeld24.11.201908.12.20191720
WelpeRottweiler vom Aachener Tor EZ42657Solingen15.10.201913.12.20191723
Welpevom DominusGZ67069Ludwigshafen09.12.201916.12.20191726
Welpevom EisplatzLZ75196Remchingen03.11.201905.01.20201732
Welpevom alten TrollEZ50129Bergheim01.12.201914.01.20201733
WelpeVom Dicken Bub LZ67346Speyer17.12.201916.01.20201736
Welpevom Haus Rosenberger06618Freiroda19.01.202022.01.20201739
Welpevom Haus RosenbergerLZ06618Freiroda16.01.202022.01.20201742

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