Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub e.V.
dog sports

Before the true Dogs Sports, each dog needs to pass the Companion-Dog-Test in which he shows that he masters basic instructions and behaviours which are useful in the daily life. The Dogs Sports itself is divided into different sectors, e.g. Agility, Tournament Dogs Sports, Flyball, Mantrailing. However, the main focus of the Rottweiler sport is on the sector of working and tracking dog. These sectors are exercised in the Versatility Sports for Working Dogs (VPG which is conducted according to the International Trial Regulations (IPO). The trial is divided into the following three sectors:

  • Tracking
  • Obedience
  • Protection
Tracking – Section A

At the tracking the Rottweiler has to search a fixed distance in a given time frame and has to remit some placed items. This tracking has to be prepared by the dog leader (at the training) or at the exam itself by a third party the so called track layer.

Obedience – Section B

At the obedience the focus is on different sit, settle and standing exercises. Added exercises with step- and direction changes, Retrieve on level ground as well as over obstacles and to send the dog forward with settle down. The exercises need to be done fast and precisely.

Protection – Section C

In this section of the trial the Rottweiler is exposed to several extreme situations in which he has to be under the control of the handler all the time, and he has to obey the orders. It is important that he shows the changing behaviours, which are required, accurate, stable, fast and at a high level. Exercise parts are: search for the helper, hold and bark, prevent an attempted escape and defence of attacks.

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